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Let’s travel back in time, discover your ancestors, & secure your family history for generations to come!

Only professional & pre-agreed upon results

Our team of hundreds of experienced local genealogists in Europe & America will always deliver you the highest quality possible. Without compromise.

Regular updates & quality guarantee

Thanks to our customer support you will always know exactly what & when will you receive your information with no hidden fees or expenses. We instantly share with you all important information which we find.

a) Discover your European Heritage

Get your elementary family tree

  • Discover up to 62 direct relatives and dozens of indirect relatives from 1-6 generations back in your family tree, along all branches, across all of Europe

  • Free & non-binding entry analysis of your family history

  • Most projects are completed in 5-25 days

  • We handpick the best team for you that cooperates across all of Europe

  • Your personal team will search intensively across archives

  • Customized poster showing your family tree included with print available

Your Christmas Price $475 (-50%)

Standard price $950

b) Get the most from your family tree

Advance and discover your European heritage

  • Unlock your past UP to 11 generations back, directed by your interest & starting point

  • Discover interesting stories, photos, documents, maps & more regarding your family history

  • Free entry analysis & Data validation from the local archives across your family tree

  • DNA test at cost from our laboratory partner we send to you - Reveals your unique heritage, the ethnic groups and geographical regions you come from

  • We handpick the best team for you that cooperate across whole Europe

  • Each project is original & most of them are complete in 7-17 weeks. We'll share online with you each piece in your family tree that we found while tracing

Price is set individually. Please contact us for a consulting interview.


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